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We’ve designed dozens of websites, using tons of different technologies and we know what WORKS and what doesn’t.

Your website will look GOOD, leaving you smiling and happy to get it in front of potential and current customers.

Your website could be close to great and ranking well in Google… you just need a little bit more.

Make Sure Your Website Is Search Engine Optimized!

You definitely wouldn’t want your website to be created and then have it not be optimized for the search engines. After all, there are massive amounts of people searching for food on Google every second.

Having your website design search engine optimized means that it will be set up to win in the search engines so that things like this can happen and drive hundreds or thousands of hungry locals to your restaraunt’s website.

seo optimized website

Make Sure It’s Mobile Friendly!

You definitely want your website to be set up so that it is easy to read and easy to use on smart phones, otherwise the massive amount of people who go to your website on their phone will struggle. Thankfully, we optimize our sites on multiple cell phone sizes, desktops, laptops, and tablets.

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And Make Sure It’s Speed Optimized!

If your website is too slow it can hurt your ability to show up in the real search engines like Google and also frustrate your customers or drive off potential customers. We set up your website with our proven website optimization so that it’s set up for success to run fast.

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How To Choose A Restaurant Website Design

When choosing a web design for your restaurant, it is important to consider the end user. What is it that they are looking for on your website? What products and services do you provide that they may want to know information about?

For example, if you own an Italian restaurant then you may want to provide insight onto the quality of your ingredients and what foods you provide. If you offer private parties, you may want to mention that as well as give images of the private party rooms and locations.

If you’re offering catering, you may want to have a special page dedicated purely to information about your catering services. Engaging pictures as well as pricing information and bulk discounts may also want to be mentioned.

It’s important to display calls to action on your website which allow the user to take an action to get in contact with you. For example, a Call Now button that when pressed will dial your number. Another option is a form that the user can fill out answers to, such as their name and phone number or email. Finally, you can add the phone number onto the website so that the person can call.

Important Things To Add To Your Restaurant Website

For a restaurant or any type of food location, whether it’s fast food, Italian food, Mexican food, catering, a buffet, a café, or many other types of locations, the most important thing besides the user of your website is of course the food.

For this reason, it can be very powerful to include at least a few high resolution images of your food. These do not need to be taken by a professional photographer, but rather can even be taken on most smart phones.

You may want to have several pages dedicated specifically to certain aspects of your restaurant, such as if you focus especially on pizza, pasta, or on chicken wings. You may want to have special images of the different varieties as well as on the process and on the quality of ingredients.

You will certainly want to add your location and contact information such as the restaurant’s phone number and address. Adding a map embed of your restaurant is also very helpful and can help people not only recognize where your restaurant is but also can be used to help them get directions with just a few clicks on many phones.

Having your menu on your website is another important thing to consider. Your customers and potential customers will definitely want to look at your menu so that they can choose what to order or decide whether to visit your restaurant at all.

Adding testimonials of your happy customers is also another beneficial thing that can be added, so that others can see that they are not the first to try your food or to be reminded of a great time they had at your restaurant in the past!

Optimizing Your Restaurant Web Design

When it comes to optimizing your restaurant’s website design, there are some very important things to consider. Without these elements, your website can go from massive success to complete failure.

The first thing to consider is that your website needs to be easily found and understood by the search engines. If your website is not created using modern practices that make it easy for search engines to understand and give them the proper information, then search engines such as Google and Bing may find it difficult to understand your website.

When search engine optimization for a restaurant website is done correctly, what this translates to is high relevance in the search engines and high rankings including potentially even taking the #1 slot, which we have done before.

When properly optimized, it’s even possible for your website to show up for searches like “grilled chicken”, since Google will understand that your restaurant is related to grilled chicken and is a short distance from your potential customer.

It’s important that your content is relevant and natural. Sometimes a website design company will try to “keyword stuff” your website with content like “Chinese restaurant, nj Chinese restaurant, etc” and will only end up hurting their rankings in the search engine. This is because search engines like Google want their end users to have an enjoyable experience and anything that comes across as spammy, unnatural, or irrelevant is significantly less likely to be a result.

When properly optimized, search engines can be confident that your restaurant website is the thing to show that will create the most enjoyable experience for their users. This comes down significantly to how the website is structured, what content is on it, and even what technologies are used. Suffice to say that we have this part down pat.

Another thing to consider is speed optimization, which will make your website load fast. If your website loads slowly, it can not only hurt your rankings in the search engines but also will generally frustrate your end users, who end up choosing someone else.

Finally, you’ll want to consider mobile optimization, which means that your website is easily human readable and usable on phones and tablets. We ensure that your website is easy to browse on desktops, tablets, and mobile smart phones of many sizes.

All of these are important things to consider when choosing a restaurant website design. If you’d like to use our proven process that is loved by customers and search engines like Google too, then contact us for a free consultation today.