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Don't Use SEO... (Unless)

Discover the 2 Big Problems With Most SEO... And How to Spot Top Quality SEO to Help You Funnel Targeted Traffic To Your Business

Hi, Dave here, owner of Snowcap Solutions.

I've brought in tens of thousands of visitors of targeted traffic using SEO.

The reason what we have works is because we have connections to over a thousand websites, and we are able to see what works and what doesn't. And we've done tons of testing.

Don't believe just because I said it though, I'll show you real results, in just a bit!

First, I want to quickly share with you the two big problems with most SEO, which is why some people never get real results with SEO.

BIG PROBLEM #1: Leaky, Confusing Code & Content

The first problem has to do with the code and content on your website. Remember that an algorithm is determining your rankings, based on a robot that reads your website.

So we have to guide that robot to understand what your website is about.

When I say "leaky" what I mean is that these things can leak power for your website in the search engines. Power that you could potentially tap into.

The code and content on your website can also be "confusing" to the robots, and the algorithm may not necessarily be sure what your website is about. There are typically all sorts of leaks and confusing things in a website which when fixed, can lead to immediate rankings increases.

Many of these signals do not necessarily look any different to your visitors, but they help the robot which is analyzing all the code to make sense of your site and determine where to place you in the search engines.

Unfortunately, many websites have the following 2 major problems related to code:

  1. They leave out important signals that could easily help the search engine robot rank the website higher
  2. They "stuff keywords" and make the website rank lower
seo keyword stuffing example

☝️ For example, look at this website. The title is "Nashville Chiropractor Chiropractic Nashville Illinois".

Now, besides being very undesirable for a reader to look at, and even honestly confusing not even just for the robot but for people who are potential customers, this is not what you want to do.

And yet, many SEO's do things like this, to try to increase rankings. But look at the website, it's on page 2. And if they changed their title, the rankings would probably increase.

And so would the click through rate, because people would be more likely to click on something that they could read and that made sense, wouldn't they.

But that's not even really likely to happen since the website is on page 2. Ideally, you definitely want to be on page 1.

And I can show you more about getting to page 1 in a moment.

Your website's code can definitely negatively affect your website's rankings, which is why it's so helpful to get this part right.


Even if you have the best content, you still need links coming in to your website.

The links people get are generally completely weak and can even be detrimental to your website. They can even cause you to end up paying for SEO 2x over, because it won't work, and then you end up having to pay someone else.

Even worse, it may take even longer to get results because of links from sketchy websites other SEO's got.

For example:

  1. In an article on a website written in a foreign language
  2. In an article written in broken English that makes no sense
  3. With links to other sketchy websites, like gambling, adult dating, or etc.

Just check out this example of a client who paid us to take a look at their SEO. In doing our in-depth analysis, we found that they had a link on a page that had THIS and many other sketchy looking links as well!

bad seo example - content

☝️ This is the type of content you don't want your website to linked with! And yet, this client had exactly this!

It's going to be very hard for the search engines to trust your website and give you great rankings, when stuff like this is linking to your page! And unfortunately, this is unusually common, because most SEO's haven't got a clue as to how to rank reliably, like we do with our proven SEO process, or aren't even SEO's at all!

If you are in this position right now, with sketchy links coming into your site, we can definitely still help, it's just not nearly as easy. And there's other ways to screw up linking as well, that will really inhibit your ability to rank online and leverage the abundant ocean of free traffic of searches that come in each and every day.

This part and SEO in general is very technical, which is why you need someone who is an expert.

Example Results Using Our Specific SEO Process

Here are some example results using our specific SEO process. Like I said, the reason this works is because we have connections to over a thousand websites, and are able to see what works and what doesn't.

Example Short Term Results

22.41% Increase In Rankings In Just 10 Days!

seo example - 22.41% increase

From Page 2 to Page 1 In Just 10 Days!

seo example - page 2 to page 1

Up 7 Positions In Just 10 Days!

seo example - position increased by 7

From Rank 5 to Rank 3 In Just 10 Days!

seo example - rank 5 to rank 3

And the results of SEO get even better over time. It's over a longer period of time, say two to twelve months (about six months for a typical local business), that the results really start kicking in.

Here are some examples of long term SEO on some of the websites we've applied our SEO process to.

Example Long Term Results

Small Family Restaurant Crushes Two Major Chains, Taking Rank #1 For Their Main Keyword!

seo example - rank 1 restaurant

From Rank 6 to Rank 1 In Less Than 60 Days!

seo example - rank 1 website design

From 0 to Over 2,000 Unique Visitors Per Month, Powered Purely by SEO - No Social Media Posting and No Pay-Per-Click Advertising!

seo example - from 0 to 2000 unique visitors per month

There's Money Flying Around All Over The Place! 🤑

Are you ready to start tapping into the abundant ocean of traffic that already exists on the search engines, and get in front of it to funnel it to your website? Or even your Google Maps listing which turns directly into calls?

Yes, it's true that free Google traffic is the most powerful traffic source online right now, but your website has to be in front of that traffic to take advantage of it!

And that's where our specific process for SEO crushes it!

Just fill out our short discovery form below.

Okay, I look forward to talking with you soon. Just fill out the quick discovery form and I'll take an in-depth look over your website to see where the potential is, to leverage that money that's already flying around all over the place via real organic search engine traffic from Google, Bing, etc.!


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