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Hi, Dave here, owner of Snowcap Solutions.

I've ranked on page 1 of Google for over 100 keywords, and brought in tens of thousands of visitors of targeted traffic using SEO.

BIG PROBLEM #1: Leaky, Confusing Code

Leaky and confusing code.

The robot gets "confused".

These things leak power for your website in the search engines. Power that you could potentially tap into.

The first problem is the code of your website. We can consider this as both the back end technical code, stuff that can change without it making a visible difference to your visitors, and the content on your page.

The search engines use a robot to read your website, and the code of the site has to help show the robot what your website is about.

Many of these signals do not necessarily look any different to your visitors, but they help the robot which is analyzing all the code to make sense of your site and determine where to place you in the search engines.

Unfortunately, many websites have the following 2 major problems related to code:

  1. They leave out important signals that could easily help the search engine robot rank the website higher
  2. They "stuff keywords" and make the website rank lower
seo keyword stuffing example

For example, look at this website. The title is "Nashville Chiropractor Chiropractic Nashville Illinois".

Now, besides being very undesirable for a reader to look at, and even honestly confusing not even just for the robot but for people who are potential customers, this is not what you want to do.

And yet, many SEO's do things like this, to try to increase rankings. But look at the website, it's on page 2. And if they changed their title, the rankings would probably increase.

And so would the click through rate, because people would be more likely to click on something that they could read and that made sense, wouldn't they.

But that's not even really likely to happen since the website is on page 2. Ideally, you definitely want to be on page 1.

And I can show you more about getting to page 1 in a moment.

Your website's code can definitely negatively affect your website's rankings, which is why it's so helpful to get this part right.

That's why we have a list of 8 things we look at with regards to your website itself and it's code. There are certainly many more than this that could be looked at, but these are what we've found to be the most important.

search engine optimized website

Example Results

Here's an example of a small family restaurant we helped which ranks #1 on the search engines for their main search phrase (or keyword) which is windsor chicken, aka [city] chicken.

They are also ranking above 2+ major chains in the same area, and are in the Google Maps pack, which is the three results you see towards the top.

We have other results that we can show as well, but anyhow.

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